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Photographer & Set Designer
Currently working and living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

2012 / 2014 MA, Art Direction, (graduated with honors) ECAL, Lausanne, Switzerland
2007 / 2011 BA, Photography, Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague, The Netherlands
2005 / 2006 BA, Fashion Design, Artez, Arnhem, The Netherlands

Nomination & Prizes
2016 Finalist - Shortlisted for the ‘Photobook Dummy Award’ for Photography Festival Unseen, Amsterdam, NL
2009 Nomination - Hollands Diep Magazine, Nr.15, Photography Contest ‘Het naakte portret’

Nick Verstand - AURA project by VPRO during the Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, NL ‘Brut’ - Lannoo Uitgeverij - Interior/ architecture book with the ‘Matroyshka series’ published, Belgium
HP de Tijd, ZUS, Nr. 2, Publication&interview with work from ‘The every other day’
Form Magazine, Nr. 269, publication with the series from ‘On Display Magazine’

On Display Magazine, Nr. 03, Editorial Visual essay with work from Petra Blaisse, Solar Curtains and the work from Julia Lohmann, Seaweeds.
Sleek Magazine, Nr. 51, Editorial still life series with Rosenthal Vases. Collaboration with Andrea Hill from ‘Paloma Powers’, Online publication with a selection of personal work, Online publication with a selection of personal work

2017 Groupexhibition, ‘The Young Collector‘, Dutch Designweek, Eindhoven, NL
2017 Groupexhibition, ‘Belfast Photofestival‘, Unseen Dummy Award selection, Belfast, Ireland
2016 Groupexhibition, ‘A Bad End Story’, Berlin, DE
2016 Presentation Personal work ‘The every Other day’ & ‘Sold Out’, ECAL, Lausanne, CH
2014 Graduationshow, ECAL, Lausanne,Zwitserland
2012 Creatief Initiatief, Kunst etalageroute,Amsterdam, NL
2011 Het Sarnamihuis, Groeps Expositie ‘Roots’, Den haag, NL
2011 Eindexamenexpositie, Koninklijk Academie Voor Beeldende Kunst, Den haag, NL
2010 KRACH(T), LABS55, Den haag, NL
2009 UITGELICHT, Filmhuis Den Haag, Den haag, NL
2008 The Hague Sculpture, Affiche Gallery, Den haag, NL

2015 / 2017 Photography assistant, Qiu Yang, Amsterdam, NL
2011 / 2012 1st Assistant, Scheltens&Abbenes, Amsterdam, NL
2010 Internship, John Short (Photography), London, UK
2010 Internship, Chrissie Mcdondald, ‘Peepshow Collective’ (Setdesign), London, UK


Website by Sven Gustav van Asten


De Borrelfabriek

Noortje X Noortje Collection I

The Young Collectors

Sleek Magazine

Solo Pezo

Shift Architecture Urbanism

Solar Curtain


Droog Design

Dear Herb

The Future Sausage

Studio IJM

De Borrelfabriek, 2018

Brandingcampaign for the Dutch catering company, ‘De Borrelfabriek‘.

”Des ”Des ”Des ”Des ”Des

Noortje X Noortje Collection I, 2018

Ongoing series of projects in collaboration with setdesigner and stylist, Noortje de Keijzer.


The Young Collectors, 2017

Artwork for the group exhibition of ‘The Young Collector’s in a house during the Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, NL.

”Des ”Des ”Des ”Des ”Des

Sleek Magazine nr. 51, 2016

Off-Beat Affection

”Sold ”Sold ”Sold ”Sold ”Sold

Solo Pezo, 2016

SOLO PEZO Ellrichshausen Architects 2016
Christian Bourdais 2016
Solo House was designed by Ellrichshausen Architects.
I collaborated together with Julia Andreone ( to give a personal approach to the house and it’s beautiful surrounding in Matarranya, Spain.

”Des ”Des ”Des ”Des

Shift architecture urbanism

‘Matryoshka House’, 2017

Architecture project by Shift architecture urbanism, Rotterdam, NL. The furniture and design objects that have been featured are made by DaphnaLaurens, FabriekNL, Intrigue collection, Michael Schoner, Os Δ Oos, Palau, Studio Truly Truly

”Des ”Des ”Des ”Des

On Display Magazine

Petra Blaisse, ‘Solar Curtain’, 2016

A project for the German magazine, On Display, an editorial visual essay where two artists focus on new materials. Duch artist and designer, Petra Blaisse, designed the ‘Solar Curtain’, which is on exhibition in the Textielmuseum, Tilburg, NL

”Des ”Des ”Des ”Des

On Display Magazine

Julia Lohmann, ‘Seaweed’, 2016

The other side of the magazine, On Display, shows the work of German artist, Julia Lohmann. In her studio in Hamburg she creates these sculptures from seaweed. The green light emphasises the origin of the material.

”Droog ”Droog ”Droog ”Droog ”Droog ”Droog

Droog Design, 2015

A selection of products and events I photographed for Droog Design.
In collaboration with Mo Schalkx.

”Dear ”Dear ”Dear ”Dear ”Dear

Dear Herb, 2012

A publication made in New York at the Cooper Union Archives of Herb Lubalin. A interpretation of his work from the magazine ‘Eros’. In collaboration with Katharina Tauer at ECAL.

”The ”The ”The ”The ”The

The Future Sausage, 2014

Within this project I shot a series of sausages which were designed by product designer Carolien Niebling. Each 'future sausage' represents a different approach in meat eating, herefore to be consumed with less meat, fruits and nuts or combined with vegetables or insects.


Studio IJM, 2009

A series about the colour palette of Studio IJM.


The Pinball Palace

Sold Out

The Every Other Day

USM tables

Yellow Dust

”Sold ”Sold ”Sold ”Sold ”Sold

The Pinball Palace, 2017

Personal project by Noortje X Noortje. A collaboration with setdesigner and stylist Noortje de Keijzer.
Each picture with a personalized title in order of appearance: ‘Monochrome Maze’, ‘Pink Parlour‘, ‘Vertical Venue‘, ‘Curving Courtyard‘ and ‘Blue balcony‘.

”Sold ”Sold ”Sold ”Sold ”Sold ”Sold ”Sold

Sold Out, 2014

For my graduationproject at ECAL I wanted to analyse the ideas of a shopwindow. Hereby I was curious to see what would happen to the space if the items for sale were not present. Only left with the furniture objects that were lost in the space. Without these items, what was the function of the space?

In collaboration with set designer Camille Lichternstern.

”The ”The ”The ”The ”The ”The ”The ”The ”The ”The ”The ”The

The every other day, 2014

This series of work is part of my graduation work from Ecal. An interpretation of the every day life, where simple gestures are twisted, arranged or newly lighten. A playful approach to spaces, architecture and objects.

In collaboration with Julia Andreone.